Watch the Top 10 Action Anime Streaming

There is an overwhelming amount of high-quality anime available for viewing in the Summer 2023 season. Seasonally, these action anime are tops!

Top 10 Action Anime Streaming 2024

You may watch top-notch action anime online in the summer of 2023. There are plenty of exciting alternatives to keep anime enthusiasts happy for a long time. The majority of this season's top action series are sequels, but a few newcomers have already garnered a lot of attention. Additionally, there are programs that challenge the conventional wisdom about how combat should unfold.Like every season before it, this one's action anime has been a huge hit with viewers. Because nothing gets the anime community more pumped up than a big battle scene, most of the most talked-about series are action-based. The options this season do, however, include a few surprises. If you're an action anime enthusiast, these are the top 10 shows you shouldn't miss this season.

${10}Reincarnated as a Coin-Operated Machine Now I Hike Through the Underworld - (Crunchyroll)

A New Life as a Coin-Op Among all the Isekai anime, Now I Wander the Dungeon has the most absurd premise. Upon his physical demise, a guy who had an intense devotion to vending machines is reborn in a parallel universe as one of those machines. The fact that the vending machine isn't capable of much beyond delivering different things is what makes this notion so intriguing. The lack of action is a result of this, yet the battles that do happen are unlike anything you'd see in a normal Shonen combat series. If you're an action enthusiast looking for a new show to watch this season, this is a great option.

${9} Reign of the Seven Spellblades - (Crunchyroll)

If you like action shows but prefer your battles with a mystical twist, then you should definitely check out Reign of the Seven Spellblades. A prestigious school similar to Hogwarts, Kimberley, educates aspiring wizards and witches in a magical realm where magic is prevalent. Oliver Horn, a wizard, starts at this school and, with the help of his new friends, faces the many dangers that befall the student population during the course of the book. The program may not have the constant action of some of the others on our list, but it's still a great new show to watch, and the magic battles are awesome.

${8} One Piece - (Crunchyroll)

It may come as a surprise to find One Piece on our list, given that the program airs almost every season. Nevertheless, the most recent episodes of the Wano arc have solidified the show's status as one of the greatest Shonen series ever. Any lover of action will be pleased to know that the battle between Luffy and Emperor Kaido has reached its dramatic finale and that things are only going to get hotter from here on out. Some of the greatest combat animation of the year can be seen in One Piece's most epic battles, including Zoro vs. King. Even those who are unfamiliar with the characters and plot should watch them.

${7} Bungo Stray Dogs - (Crunchyroll)

The fifth season of Bungo Stray Dogs has returned, and Studio Bones is guaranteed to provide some stunningly animated battle scenes. Members of the Armed Detective Agency are the focus of the program as they rescue citizens from evildoers and complete a variety of assignments. Supernatural abilities are possessed by the majority of the show's characters, making their battles often thrilling. Episode names hinting at a big conflict between the characters suggest that the action will only intensify from here on out, building on the already thrilling start to the season.

${6} Mushoku Tensei 2 - (Hulu)

Mushoku Tensei had some of the most stunning animations in the Isekai genre in its first season, and it seems like the second season is carrying on the good work. In this life, the program follows Rudeus as he strives to improve upon his previous self. Although there isn't quite as much action as in some of the other anime on our list, the battles that do occur are often visually stunning and emotionally impactful. The high quality of Mushoku Tensei makes it worth watching even if you aren't usually a fan of Isekai productions.

${5} Helck - (Hidive)

Fans who have been longing for the outrageous humor of series like One Punch Man will find it in Helck. A tournament is organized to choose the successor to the Demon Lord upon his death. Helck, a human with extraordinary strength who irritates many powerful demons, is the tournament favorite. For humorous effect, these demons regularly attempt to ruin Helck's tournament hopes. There are some fantastic humorous battle scenes and the promise of more serious action in the future, so it's hardly the most serious show on the list.

${4} Fate/strange Fake - (Crunchyroll)

The finest action in an anime this summer was in this entry, even if it isn't a whole series but rather a teaser. The holy grail wars are epic conflicts between fantasy worlds that pit sets of pictures against one other in search of a legendary item with the power to fulfill wishes. Fate/strange Fake takes a fresh approach to the Holy Grail War premise while delivering on the trademark hype battles of the Fate series. Anyone interested in action who has never seen a Fate series should definitely check out Fate/strange Fake. It offers a unique perspective on some of the finest battles from the genre.

${3} Watch Zom 100 - (Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Netflix)

Zom 100 adds some bright colors to the zombie genre, which is usually dark and scary. The zombie apocalypse is Akira Tendou's idea of heaven after years of a soul-crushing profession. Despite the worldwide catastrophe, he makes a list of things he wants to do. Zombies aren't exactly the show's main attraction, but fans of the genre won't be disappointed to hear that there's plenty of action for them. Because of this, Zom 100 is now among the most innovative action series airing this year.

${2} The Second Part of Bleach: The Thousand-Year Blood War - (Hulu)

Bleach is still one of the top action series, even if many fans feel the second half of Thousand-Year Blood War hasn't lived up to the anticipation. Epic battles that enhance the original material are just one more way that Studio Pierrot is making sure Bleach has the finest possible finale. The anime adaptation of Bleach is ready to address the concerns voiced by fans who were unhappy with the manga's conclusion. If it falls short, at least it will have immortalized some of the most memorable battles in anime history.

${1} Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 - (Crunchyroll)

Season two of Jujutsu Kaisen has been in high demand from fans who couldn't get enough of the spectacular and well planned battles in the previous season. Season 2 of Jujutsu Kaisen has not let fans down, surpassing the previous season in every aspect, even if the art style has changed. The Gojo's Past chapter has given fans more incredible Gojo battles and introduced a new powerful character named Toji, whose action sequences are equally thrilling. For all these reasons, the second season of Jujutsu Kaisen is the summer's top action anime.

Now is a fantastic moment to be an action fanatic, since many anime combat scenes look better than ever across a wide range of series. The infusion of fresh concepts into the action genre is fantastic, giving viewers a wide range of programs to watch, even if not all of the episodes on our list are conventional action series. Watching one of these amazing action anime streaming right now is a must for every action enthusiast in search of a good time!