Hunter x Hunter : Ranking the Heil-Ly Members

In the intriguing world of Hunter x Hunter, the Kakin Empire houses three dominant mafia families: the Heil-Ly family, the Cha-R family, and the Xi-Yu family. Among these families, the Heil-Ly family has made a significant impact, with a rich history and formidable reputation. Let's delve into the members of the Heil-Ly family and rank them based on their abilities and contributions to the story.

${6} Morena Prudo - The Unquestionable Leader

At the pinnacle of the Heil-Ly family hierarchy stands Morena Prudo, an extraordinary figure. Morena, the illegitimate daughter of King Nasubi, initially started as a regular Heil-Ly member. However, her ruthless determination propelled her to become the leader of the family. She enforced a brutal survival contest that reduced the members to 22, shaping the Heil-Ly we know today.

Morena possesses a unique and mysterious power called Contagion. While its exact nature remains enigmatic, it likely falls under manipulation or specialization. She can transmit her saliva to up to 22 individuals, and each murder committed by these individuals results in a "level up," enhancing their strength. Morena currently stands at the highest level within the Heil-Ly family, boasting a formidable level of 45.

${5} Dogman - Rising Potential

The Dogman, a member of the Heil-Ly family, is poised to play an increasingly significant role as the story unfolds. Despite being considered the underdog of the family, this designation implies his untapped strength and potential. Morena entrusts him with the explicit task of acquiring what she needs and advises him to focus on leveling up to 50.

The Dogman's unique skillset includes being a professional wrestler, and his nen type is enhancement. Although specific details of his abilities remain obscure, it is reasonable to assume that he possesses substantial power. As he reaches level 36, readers can anticipate his involvement in pivotal moments when the manga resumes.

${4} Sodom - The Family's Backbone

Sodom is a valuable member of the Heil-Ly family, known for his strength and expertise. His role involves apprehending Morena Prudo, one of Tserriednich's personal warriors, before she can unleash her nen talent, contagion, on them. Sodom's past as a back alley doctor suggests his ability to treat family members' injuries and his medical knowledge.

Sodom wields a nen ability of the manipulation category, although the specifics remain undisclosed. At present, he stands at level 31, promising further revelations of his strength and capabilities when the story resumes.

${3} Padaille - A Tragic Demise and Remarkable Ability

Padaille, one of the Heil-Ly family members, met a tragic end while attempting to defeat Hinrigh Biganduffno, the Xi-Yu family's underboss. In a 3 versus 1 battle, Padaille's unfortunate fate stemmed from Hinrigh's resilience. However, fans had the opportunity to witness his formidable ability, "Fistful of Weapons," before his demise.

Padaille's Conjuration-type nen ability allows him to transform his right hand into a variety of weapons, including a drill, an ax, and a hammer. He reached level 29 before his passing, and it is likely that a new member will replace him in future developments.

${2} Souffle - A Mystery Yet to Unfold

Souffle, a member of the Heil-Ly family, remains shrouded in mystery with limited information available about her character. Her physical appearance features a peaceful countenance and straight hair, yet she has not taken center stage in the narrative. Despite this, her impressive Heil-Ly family level of 28 suggests her competence.

Souffle was tasked by Morena to conduct reconnaissance on Room 3101 from Room 3131, indicating a connection to technology. Her nen ability, classified as Transmutation, aligns with her role as a hacker. As the story progresses, readers can anticipate her character's development and contributions.

${1} Yokotani - The Legal Counsel

Yokotani plays a crucial role as the legal counsel representing the Heil-Ly Family. His responsibilities include safeguarding the family's base and ensuring its security. Yokotani possesses a Conjuration-type nen ability called "A Battle of Wits (LSDF)," activated under specific conditions. The severity of his adversaries' sins determines the strength of this ability, making it ideal for protecting the family's foundation.

Yokotani currently holds a level 27 status. While his abilities are substantial, they are dependent on specific circumstances, and his role primarily revolves around legal matters within the Heil-Ly family.


The Heil-Ly family, one of the three prominent mafia families in the Kakin Empire, presents a diverse array of members with unique abilities and roles. Morena Prudo, the family's leader, stands as an enigmatic and formidable figure with her contagion power. The Dogman, Sodom, Padaille, Souffle, and Yokotani each contribute their distinctive skills and strengths to the family's dynamic. As Hunter x Hunter's story unfolds, readers can anticipate further developments and revelations regarding these intriguing characters.